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Excerpt from: Dialectical Images
By critic Donald Kuspit

Jeff Gipe's untitled fresco—a sort of relief mural—is made of steel wool, a medium I've never before encountered. Its grayness and grittiness are eloquently melancholy. The mother and male child—he's attached to her, but standing in our space, adding to the relief "thrust" of the work—belong to the past, suggesting that the work is a kind of screen memory. The steel wool, woven together like gestural strands, is memorable in itself, "backing up" the ghostly, shadowy figures—the steel wool is in effect the substance of shadow—with its atmospheric density.

Excerpt from: MFA final critique
By artist Vincent Desiderio

I think the work is just great. And I think it’s the most purely political work I’ve ever seen in this school. Frightening and deeply meaningful. Brecht poem changing a wheel. Why am I anxious…etc. with the invention of conveyor belts and mass production an artificial hand in infinite perspective and the wheel that’s constantly there. Remembering Fords questionable politics. All of this has a sinister edge that is unnerving. These things brought civilization but brought all these other things that remain hidden in the background. Embedded in our culture in the joy of our culture are the ghosts of bloody hands.

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JEFF GIPE Art for Social Change
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Flyer for: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." talk
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Occupy Wall St.
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